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Lifehack: Transform Your Clothes For Warmer Weather

It’s 90 degrees and humid. You’re uncomfortable, sweaty and you smell like an old sock. You desperately need warm weather clothes, but the tough reality is that new clothes come with a big price tag. In this post, we’ll show you how to turn existing clothes you already own into new ones without making you sweat more over money.


Pants Into Shorts

Sure, you can cut your old pants to convert them into shorts on your own, but the raw edges of fabric may give off too rough of a look for your style. Sew the edges and you will have new shorts in no time.

With Air Tailor, you tell us what you would like your shorts length to be. Get started now.

Adding Seam Tape To Pants

A stylish way to stay cool while wearing pants is to roll them up. Here’s a fancy GIF by Mashable on how to do just that.

If you want to add a bit more flare to your pants, consider adding seam tape to the inside edges of your pants. This is a small detail that will turn heads on a hot day.

Interested in Air Tailor adding seam tape to your pants? Get started now.


Long Sleeve Into Short Sleeve

One of our favorite ways to bring life to old clothes is by turning long sleeve shirts into short sleeve. With short sleeve shirts being somewhere around $50, you can save tons of money and look just as stylish.

With Air Tailor, you tell us what you would like your shirt sleeve length to be. Get started now.

Adding A Pocket To Your T-Shirt

A fun way to spruce up your old t-shirts is by adding a pocket. You can do a simple solid color, or a contrasting pop of pattern.

Interested in Air Tailor adding a pocket to your t-shirt? Get started now.

Million Dollar Collar

Ditch the tie! Warm weather is all about keeping those top shirt buttons open and letting the air in. The only problem is your shirt placket falls down (AKA: crumbling collar). The good dudes at Million Dollar Collar invented a nifty placket stay to keep your collar upright.

Unless you can sew, you might want to leave this to a tailor to handle. Interested in Air Tailor adding Million Dollar Collar to your shirt? Get started now.

Do you have more ideas on how to stay cool when it's warm without breaking the bank? Tell us in the comments below!

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