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What Your Pant Length Says About You

Fashion isn’t just about 12-foot tall glamazons catwalking down the runway in weird-ass costumes. It’s about everyday people presenting themselves to the world using clothes. And while style is about individual expression, your pant length might be expressing itself differently than what you intended. We’ve listed a few lengths of pants below and give tips on how to best avoid looking like an idiot.

"Oh boy, Tom's trying to pull off that cool guy look again."

What you're going for: 

What you might actually look like:

Also known as highwaters or floods, this style has gotten pretty popular over the past few years. That said, this look works best on slimmer guys wearing slimmer pants. Keep your ankle cleavage to a maximum of 5". And whatever you do, don’t be cocky about how fashionable you think you are because most people probably won't agree. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, I'm just a broke blogger.

"I think I just saw Henry trip on his pants in the break room."

When you wear pants like this:

You're giving off this impression:

I hate to break it to you, but wearing too long of pants does not make you appear taller or bulkier. It makes you look like you had 30 seconds at the Big & Tall, blindfolded. If the fabric on your pants is folding over, then consider getting those bad boys hemmed. Get a grip, Henry.

"Wow, John, who's your tailor?"

Well-fitted pants that just perfectly graze the top of your shoe – that's where it's at. If you're wearing jeans, rolling them to the perfect length is a great, stylish way to ensure the right length. For all other types of pants, find a tailor. Did you know that we tailor clothes all via text message? Take a look at how simple it is below, and sign up here.

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