Get Your Spring Dresses Ready With Air Tailor!
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Get Your Spring Dresses Ready With Air Tailor!

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Kerry Washington Photo by: InStyle (left), Photo by: Like to Know (middle), Photo by: Atlantic Pacific (right)

New York Fashion Week gave us some amazing ideas for Spring 2017. However, going shopping can be a nightmare with our busy schedules and our not-so-full pockets. Luckily for us, this year’s trends are all about creativity and being bold.

Shop your own closet by letting us easily restyle older dresses for the upcoming season 😊

Start with that old maxi dress from last summer. Based on Elle’s notes from Fashion Week, most colors and patterns – be they bold or neutral – will still work great this season.

Decide how you’d like to update! We are loving high-low styles, or you can shorten your dress and add a seam at the waist to create a skater look. Midi-length skirts, which hit at the mid-calf, are classic and look amazing with a pair of heeled sandals as well. 

Find your Air Tailor Welcome Kit (don’t have one? Sign up here!) and take out a safety pin. Simply place a safety pin on your dress to indicate where you want it hemmed.

Air Tailor Skirt and Dress Hemming Instructions

Find Air Tailor’s phone number in your cell, and text us to place your order. We can’t wait to help you transform your older dress into something to be excited about this season!

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