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'Million Dollar Collar' Install Service (You Provide MDC)

1) Select how many shirts (↑ above) and click 'Order Service' to pay

2) Send us your shirts with our pre-paid shipping label

3) Your upgraded shirts are back at your doorstep in only 5 business days!

The permanently installed placket stays are washer/dryer, iron, launder, and dry-clean safe, and will last the life of your shirt, guaranteed.

Be sure to include the Million Dollar Collar sets with your shirts!

Air Tailor is an authorized installation partner of Million Dollar Collar.

What Exactly Is 'Million Dollar Collar'?

Have you ever heard of “crumbling collar”? It’s when your shirt collar and placket plop down your chest like an avalanche down a mountain. Let me try that again. It’s when your shirt collar collapses when the first few buttons are open. Though it sounds like not too huge of a deal, it sort of is. Just like loose fitting clothes, it’s one of those things that affects your overall style.

Most celebrity stylists know how to tame the crumbling collar... except Ryan Gosling’s.

Speaking of Ryan, check out Ryan Reynolds. Now THAT is a crumbling collar.

Yikes! Bad cases of crumbling collar are really evident with a jacket on.

Women, listen up, this applies to you too!

So you get the idea. Whether you noticed it before or not, you now have to find a solution because crumbling collar is real, and honestly, it’s not a cute look.

Now that I got your brain spinning, you will probably go home and grab the starch can to crisp up your collar. But did you know that starch breaks down during the day and accelerates the deterioration of the fabric? Well, now you do.

More spinning... What about collar stays? That might straighten out the flaps of your collar itself, but it’s the placket that is crumbling. Same goes for magnetic stays, double-sided tape, and collars with buttons.

So, my friends, prepare yourselves! I introduce to you… MILLION DOLLAR COLLAR

**Cricket Chirping**, **One Person Slow Clapping**

Let me explain. Knowing that collars are too heavy for the placket to support most shirts, in 2013, inventor Rob Kessler began developing a permanent solution to reinforce the placket for the life of the shirt. This small placket-stay was designed to be completely unnoticeable after installation, and still allows the shirt to function entirely buttoned up so you can wear a tie.

The material is a proprietary blend designed to be rigid yet flexible. It’s similar to a plastic but was specially developed to withstand the rigors of your cleaning regimen: machine washing, drying, ironing, laundering & dry cleaning.

After a friend told me about Million Dollar Collar, I reached out to Rob. First, I wanted to know why it was called “Million Dollar Collar” if it fixes the placket. He said, “quite honestly, the average Joe doesn’t know what the heck a placket is. So ‘Perfect Placket’ doesn’t quite tell the story. 'Million Dollar Collar' has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?”

He later explained that he received a patent for the MDC in December 2015 and was looking for a partner to install it for clients. I told him Air Tailor was the perfect fit (pun intended), and here we are.

For only $13 per shirt, Air Tailor will take your shirts and install Million Dollar Collar. We’ll even supply it.

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